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Family orchestra KONSONANS-RETRO will open Gala-concert of the Festival

LvivKlezFest-2018 with joyful klezmer music

Konsonans Retro

It became a good tradition of the Festival LvivKlezFest to open Gala-concert on Rynok Square with the music and dance parade led by an orchestra on a decorated wedding carriage. Klezmer music is first of all wedding music that combines in itself the traditions and melodies of the region where the klezmer musicians lived.

This year the parade will be head by the family orchestra Konsonans-Retro from Kodyma (Ukraine, Odessa region), that plays vibrant southern folk music traditional for Odessa, Vynnnychyna and Transdniester regions.

KONSONANS-RETRO is a family group of brothers Baranovsky, their sons and brothers Voronyuk, created in 2002. For the period of its existence the group gained great popularity in its region. No big event or party can do without it. The orchestra numerously participated in international ethno-festivals including ones of Jewish and klezmer music in Vienna, Kyiv, and Chisinau. In 2010 it had a performance tour in Canada and released several albums.

The repertoire of this brass band consists of unique Jewish, Ukrainian and Moldavian (Bessarabia) wedding tunes that were performed by klezmers and folk musicians in 30-70-s of XX century. The tunes revived by the orchestra Konsonans-Retro got new sound specific for the Balkan klezmer music as far as the main instruments of the group are brass.  
Such loud and colorful beginning of Gala-Concert “Mazl Tov!” the 10th of June at 13:00 cannot be missed by any Lviv citizen or guest of the city who will visit Rynok Square.
Konsonans Retro2

Some videos of performances and rehearsals of the group: #

From the publicity of the Canadian tour in 2010: